Monday, August 3, 2009

List-Maker Extraordinaire

This pretty much sums up my week. Computer in the kitchen, next to a cookbook, and surrounded by a zillion lists. As I'm closing in on the party we're having on Wednesday, I am in full-on list mode. I don't remember if I've always been a list person. Perhaps Gilmore Girls really glamorized lists for me or something . All I know is that now, I am a total list person and I make lists for everything.

As you can see, I have six lists currently in progress for this party. One list I had (Things to Buy at the Farmers Market) has already been used and is not pictured (sounds like a kid who missed picture day or something). My most recent list is a grocery list of ingredients I need to buy separated into departments of the grocery store. Well, loosely separated. I only have "produce," "dairy," and "etc." sections. I also have a list of the serving dishes I need for each dish (bowls, platters, etc.). I personally think the listing is necessary for me to pull this party off, but it also serves a dual purpose. Making the lists just makes me feel better anyway - it soothes me.

Side note: It took a lot of restraint not to make a list of my lists in this post.

Okay, off to make another list.


  1. i love all your lists :) so cute. hope the party goes well. also -- i was THRILLED melissa won last night, were you?

  2. Yeah I was glad Melissa won. I don't think I'd ever watch an "Ingredient Smuggler" show. Like I want to go buy a new obscure ingredient every time I want to make something. Melissa seems to know a lot about cooking and I'm excited to watch her show.

  3. god i love lists. like the list of who is in my Google Reader which now includes Foodie-Bia! Holla.


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