Friday, August 5, 2011

Five Things

Another week of summer has flown by, and we somehow have made it all the way to August.  Temperatures in the Bay Area are 5-10 degrees below normal this summer, making it a lovely 75 degrees lately.  The cooler temperatures have somewhat slowed down tomato production on my porch, but I have managed to get one ripe Black Cherry tomato so far.  Overripe, as you can tell from the above picture.  Luckily I noticed it had split within 24 hours, so it still tasted sweet (instead of fermented).  I can't wait for the rest of my tomatoes to ripen!

At the Merchantile at Cavallo Point last weekend I picked up some of this "lip healer" by Sequoia Beauty.  It's made with oils and beeswax, making it the smoothest item I've ever applied to my lips.  The natural lavender scent is incredible.

Due to the chilly Northern California nights, Cavallo Point comes equipped with plenty of devices to keep travelers warm, including this amazing torch-like lamp/heater.  A glass cylinder keeps the fire contained in the wind, don't worry!

Some hotels allow dogs and other hotels cater to them.  Cavallo Point falls into the latter category and provided Harper with a comfortable bed she adored, a dog-drying towel, and two handmade bowls inscribed "For the Dogs of Cavallo Point."

My parents have arrived, and we're looking forward to a fun-filled weekend with them.  I suspect there will be no photographs of me in footie pajamas this time around, though.  


  1. Yay, for your first tomato!

  2. No tomato pies for us this weekend but lovely sunflowers on the dining room table make up for a lot!


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