Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cavallo Weekend

John and I had another great weekend at Cavallo Point a couple weekends back.  It's amazing how a weekend away, even just an hour north, can really relax you.  

Harper enjoyed Cavallo quite a bit too.  Doesn't she looked relaxed?  She enjoyed her loaner bed and I enjoyed my new book from the used bookstore.  Success all around!

We got upgraded to a suite, which meant our wonderful room also included a semi-window seat that Harper enjoyed perching on.  (She certainly loves to look out windows on vacation.)   We were staying in the new rooms on the property, which are off the grid and fully powered by solar energy.  Luckily we only wasted 30 minutes worth of TV power while we attempted to watch Rango.  Blech that movie was horrible.  How did it get such good reviews?

We all enjoyed a nice romp at Rodeo Beach.  This is one of John's favorite spots in the Bay Area.

A random see-saw on the beach kept us entertained while Harper was enthralled by a new German Shepherd friend.  

We went for a little walk/hike on a trail above the beach with great views.  John was in flip flops, so we didn't venture too far.

Another fun family vacation in Marin!

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