Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mendo Botanic Garden

One thing we knew we had to do when we were in Mendocino was make a visit to the botanic garden.  Other botanic gardens may be bigger, but none that I know of has wooded trails that lead out to the ocean.  Plus you can take your dogs (I promise Harper had more fun than this photo implies).

It was a beautiful sunny day for our trip this year, which made walking through the woods even more beautiful.

And the ocean is all the more blue when the sun in shining too.

We may or may not have sung Fields of Gold during this part of the walk.

And of course, there was a bounty of flowers.  Dahlias are one of my new favorite flowers, so I took plenty of pictures of them.

I spy a smile!  See, I told you Harper had fun!  Almost as much fun as me!

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