Monday, July 11, 2011

July 4th Parade

One of the big reasons we went to Mendocino for 4th of July again this year was so we could catch the wonderful 4th of July parade.  We just weren't sure we could make it another 365 days without seeing cute kids wave from fire trucks.

There are a lot of old timey fire trucks to be seen, let me tell you.

You thought I was kidding?

It was at this point I realized they will let anyone in the parade if they ask.  I hope this woman is the local second grade teacher or that she lost a bet or something.  She was all alone out there as the Statue of Liberty, and we couldn't quite figure out why.

There are also kids from old timey cars, not just fire trucks.

Doesn't his hat seem like it's from a Halloween costume or something?

After the old timey firetrucks and cars, the peace/anti-war section of the caravan comes out.

It wouldn't be Mendocino without messages like this.

I have no idea what these girls were supposed to "be," but I do know that Harper absolutely freaked out when she was the horses.  She was jumping around like crazy trying to get closer to what I can only assume she thought were gigantic dogs.

Speaking of gigantic dogs, this Newfoundland was dressed up quite appropriately for the day.

As was this gal.

Oh, right, and there are also little kiddies with farm animals.  Natch.

Here is Harper keenly interested in some sort of llama.

Ho hum another parade.

I liked this one - here is a man dressed in 500 shopping bags, the average amount each shopper goes through in one year!  Yikes!

And last but not least - here is Harper looking a bit stunned right after she received a peace-sign necklace from someone in the parade.  Doggie's first bling.

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  1. love all the pics! was out near you for the 4th this year (well, not exactly. left on the 3rd, so i could be back here for the 4th. where i accidentally slept thru the fireworks. but still.)


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