Thursday, July 14, 2011


All the Boons down in Boonville are right up my alley.  Part of the fun of going to Mendocino is our stop in Boonville on the way there and back.  We remembered it being at the halfway point, so we envisioned eating lunch there on the drive out.  Oops - it's almost all the way to Mendocino.  Who knew?  (Google Maps might, for instance.)

I had the freshest-tasting chicken salad sandwich I've ever tasted on the drive home, though.  John had a great ham and cheese.  All of the restaurants on their tiny strip focus on organic and local ingredients.  You can see why I love it there.

Last time we traveled to Boonville they were on the brink of opening up this ice cream place, but hadn't gotten there yet.

Paysanne Ice Cream was open this time, and needless to say, we got ice cream on the way there and the way back.

I'm a sucker for good ice cream, especially from a place that uses clips and ribbon to display the day's flavors.  I got lemon cookie ice cream on the trip out and vanilla on the way back.  Incredible.

I also had to try a cookie to make sure they were as good as they looked.  They are!

I didn't succumb to my newest weakness - chocolate coated sunflower seeds - that they had for sale.  Small victories, right?

I love the idea of hanging buckets from the wall with striped ribbon to hold fresh homemade candy.

In case you want to read while you're there, they have some magazines available.

Harper gave me the evil eye when I wouldn't share my ice cream.  Sorry, sweetie, even a mother's love has limits.  

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