Friday, July 8, 2011

Five Things - Mendo Style

Thank goodness there were only three days in the work week this week.  It's always so difficult to drag yourself back into the office after a vacation.  It's especially wretched after a great vacation.  We welcomed ourselves back to Mountain View with a dinner of corn on the cob.  We picked up the corn on our drive back home at a farm stand on the way.  We stopped there on the way to Mendocino too to get corn.  And to the local grocer twice to get corn.  So in a week's time we had corn for dinner four times.  We might like corn a little bit.  (The dinners were also accompanied by some sort of cut-up fruit and cheese and crackers.  I felt like I was eating a meal for toddlers or something.)

The Saturday of 4th of July weekend in Mendocino always sports a craft fair in a huge field.  Last year I thought it would be going on all weekend, so I missed my chance to buy some great pottery.  This year I learned my lesson and snagged four beautiful bowls from a Mendocino potter (and Yale grad and novelist, according to his bio that he slipped in the bag).

Delta Biscoff cookies have met their match!  Trader Joe's figured out a way to make these same wonderful cookies and even rip off the name a little bit.  I ate this package by myself in two days while we watched movies by the fire.

John's favorite coffee haunt in Mendo is the Thanksgiving Coffee Company.  They sell organic fair trade coffee, which John loves, and incredible hot chocolate and Strauss whipped cream for me.  I probably had a hot chocolate almost every day, whether I needed it or not.  (Needed it.)

Somehow half a bag of peanut butter-filled pretzel bites managed to make its way home with us.  Perfect lunch food, if you ask me.  Usually I have peanut butter on toast for lunch, Trader Joe's just simplified life for me.


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