Sunday, January 9, 2011

Family Portraits

Growing up we didn't necessarily take family portraits a lot, but my brother and I had to get our pictures taken at Sears every six months.  It was something my mom felt strongly about, so we have all kinds documentation of our childhood.

Thankfully for everyone involved, these every-six-month pictures stopped around the time I became a hideous middle schooler.  One thing I remember very specifically about these photo sessions is that if we were good we got a dollar.  Yes, a dollar.  I can't believe I behaved for such a measly sum!

We didn't take Harper to Sears, but we did get my dad to snap a few shots when he was here for Christmas.

There were of course some portraits at the farmers market as well.  Which is cuter, an artichoke, or Harper?

And Just because I love ya, here are some of the aforementioned every-six-month shots...

This is from the month I turned four.  We're both sporting tans from what must have been a nice summer.  Don't you love the "look off in the distance" shots?

No year on this one - I must be about three?  Apparently I found the "Say 'fuzzy pickles'" joke a lot funnier than David.

I thought this dress was the coolest thing.  If I spun around the skirt twirled like you wouldn't believe.  Luckily I apparently paired it with tights.

All these portrait sessions really prepared me for posing for pictures my whole life.  I've been a ham since I was two.


  1. oh my goodness, you were so stinking cute I might die!!

  2. no maddie in the pics? :(

    loving your two year old pic. haha

  3. I think there was something about stinky socks to make you both laugh at some point?


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