Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 Foodie Resolutions

It's amazing what you can accomplish in a year's time (switch firms, get a new puppy, buy a new car), and I'm just hoping to get through this teeny list of 10 things by 2012.  Or at least half.  Well, at least the one about cinnamon rolls.

And now, for the long-awaited-by-no-one 2011 Foodie resolutions...

1.  Make my own jam.  I'm completely jam-obsessed and will pay over $10 for a tempting jar.  It's time to make my own.

2.  Research cherry or strawberry picking far enough in advance so John and I can actually do it this year.

3.  Make cinnamon rolls and not eat more than ten a day.  Or at least make cinnamon rolls.

4.  Make lasagna using John's fresh pasta and my homemade sauce.  Sleep in food coma for days.

5.  Churn my own butter and serve it on warm bread.  By "churn" I mean use my stand mixer, but it still counts.

6.  Bake dog treats for Harper once she is old enough to be spoiled without consequences.  Maddie can have homemade dog treats now, so she is bitter she has to wait.

7.  Steal the fruit (lemons or oranges) from a neighbor's yard.  Especially the yard the houses a business and never needs those lemons anyway.

8.  Finally visit Omnivore Books, the stuff as dreams are made on.

9.  Make biscuits or scones depending on my mood.  Preferably both and preferably with bacon involved.

10.  Make delicious food all year and blog about it despite the adorable dogs distracting me.


  1. Love the list! Hope you take pictures when you steal those lemons :)

  2. It's never to early to start spoiling a doodle (i would know). I have made treats for my doodle many times I just recently received a dog treat cookbook. I can't wait to try the recepies out.


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