Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thanksgiving Helper

Sorry to subject you to this greasy forehead again, but it's time for one of my favorite holidays!  I'm not cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year (for better or for worse), but I do have one whole year of experience behind me, such that I feel justified in telling you what to do.  

Well, not exactly, but I do have a few recipes to share for your efforts next week.

Cranberry orange relish is a classic in my family.  It's tart and sweet at the same time, and provides a refreshing contrast to the richer menu items of the day.  

No Thanksgiving is complete without pumpkin pie.  This easy and delicious recipe provides the perfect amount of spice to complement the pumpkin.

Fresh rolls on Thanksgiving are a special treat that your family will ask for yearly.  The recipe makes a lot of rolls, so you can freeze the excess for another less already-stuffed occasion.  The Pioneer Woman's recipe doesn't even require kneading!  

My absolute favorite side of Thanksgiving was this fresh, homemade stuffing.  Cornbread and French bread combined into one stuffing, binded together by lots of butter.   Need I say more?  If you don't already have a go-to stuffing recipe, this should be your new standby.  

Good luck at your Thanksgiving dinners these year!  


  1. For the rolls, do you freeze the excess dough and then thaw it before baking it? Or do you freeze the extra rolls after they've been baked?

  2. To effectively freeze the rolls, place the balls of dough on a cookie sheet in the freezer (none touching) for an hour and then throw the frozen balls into a ziplock bag. When you want to use the frozen dough, let it thaw in the fridge overnight and then let them rise at room temperature for a couple of hours before baking.

  3. lol. my fam has never had rolls for tgiving meal. we actually don't really have rolls for any meal

  4. That isn't grease, it's sweat from the hard work of making our delicious feast!

  5. Who doesn't have rolls for Thanksgiving??? That's the craziest thing I've ever heard, Eve!

  6. I second Anika's comment!


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