Monday, November 1, 2010

Boo at the Zoo

John planned another surprise date for us, and this time I didn't manage to guess it or ruin it by forgetting my motion sickness pills.  It was Boo at the Zoo this weekend, in more ways than one.  Firstly, John took his boo to the zoo, and secondly, it was the Halloween celebration at the zoo.

It was our first time at the San Francisco Zoo, and it was great: just big enough to have fun but not so big that you are overwhelmed.

Apparently people were pretty into the World Series at the zoo.

This was probably creepier than any Halloween costume I saw this year.

I loved the peacock that ran around wherever he saw fit.

I heard a fellow zoo-goer call this baboon "Mufasa."  Um, sorry, but Mufasa was a lion in Lion King.  Rafiki was the baboon.  Any half wit knows that.

I need to stop watching Disney cartoons.

Boo at the Zoo meant there were endless kids dressed up (mostly as cute animals), and some parents too.  They got to trick or treat at a bunch of stations throughout the zoo.

We saw quite a few giraffes at the zoo, some in costume and some behind the fences.

They are really cool animals, so I can see why they make such popular costumes.

And those tongues are just ridiculous!

The zebras were buddy-buddy with the giraffes.  One big African Savanna happy family
The gorilla preserve had the cutest baby gorilla I've ever seen.

The little girl literally hopped around making stereotypical gorilla noises and doing gorilla things.  It was like someone was dressed in a gorilla suit.  Too cute.

Does this gorilla mommy look stoic or what?

The penguins were having quite a time swimming and running around.  It was 70 degrees at the zoo, so hopefully they could stay cool.

This Mufasa was downright adorable.  And downright frightening.

Bald Eagle spotting!  This poor guy is in rehab and can't fly away, but it was pretty cool to see a bald eagle so close.

Kind of funny that I've seen a lot more macaws in my life than I have bald eagles, but I guess a few trips to Florida will do that for you.

John insisted I pose at all of the cheeseball animal posters.

Polly peacock has nothing on me.

John as an arachnid was the best of all, though!  What a great day at the zoo!


  1. How fun!!! John comes up with great dates! Also, please dress all your future children as giraffes. Thank you in advance.

  2. re: John as arachnid: At Joshua Tree Park they had a warning that tarantulas were breeding and might be about anywhere under and around where we were gonna be. John was the first one we saw, however, even though we looked!


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