Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pt. Isabel

John and I somehow find time to go to Point Isabel with Maddie almost every weekend.  It's north of Berkeley, so it's an hour drive each way.  Nothing like Semifreddi's morning buns to get you out every weekend...

This little missy had quite the 'do.

And this dog had the longest tongue I have ever seen.

I was so shocked I couldn't stop taking pictures!

It was like it had fallen out and needed to be rolled up back inside the mouth like a cartoon!

A beautiful cityscape just makes Point Isabel all the more enticing.

I love the pure joy of dogs playing in the water.

Sometimes the owners have quite a challenge getting their playful pooches out of the water.  Good thing Maddie is far too afraid of the water to ever get caught up in the excitement.

Like daddy like doggy.

This one is for you, Mom!  People bring their extra plastic bags to the park and leave them here for people to use, because reusing is even better than recycling.  My mom was the first person I know to reuse bags at the grocery store.  She kept plastic bags tied in little knots and packed into her purse.  Sales clerks could hardly understand the concept of "I brought my own bag."  Nowadays bringing your own bag is commonplace, but don't forget my mom was the first.

The day ended with a picture-perfect puppy who was better behaved than almost most dogs I've ever met.  Look at that sweet smile.  Can I have one?

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  1. Thanks for the props! but this time no pictures of our wonder-dog?


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