Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cookie Dough Ice Cream Failure

If there are two things I love, it's ice cream and cookie dough.  Clearly this is a rare love that no one shares - I am so unique!  When I saw a recipe that made the actual ice cream taste like cookie dough itself, I knew this was one I had to try.  Unfortunately, the ice cream turned out terrible.  It had no flavor, which is especially pathetic considering it had dark brown sugar and BUTTER.

The most tragic part was that I used almost a whole bar of Valrhona chocolate on this ice cream.

What a waste.

I'm throwing the rest of the ice cream out, but I might do some picking around in that bland chunk of ice for some pieces of chocolate to salvage before I dump it.

I've learned my lesson though - I need to stick to my man, David Lebovitz, when it comes to ice cream recipes.  Can't wait to try the nectarine ice cream cooling in my fridge.

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