Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mendocino, California

John and I fell even more in love with Mendocino on this trip.  An adorable town perched on a stunning cliff on the edge of the Pacific Ocean.  What's not to love?

Most restaurants are housed in old Victorian homes, and the MacCallum House was no different.  John and I enjoyed dinner on their sunny enclosed porch.  I am hoping to recreate the arugula, peach, and bacon salad I had there - it was incredible!  I'll have to do it when John's not around though, because whenever I mention the word "peach" he starts singing that horrible song from the 90s.

The views in Mendocino really can't be beat.  I can't even begin to count how many scenic view photos I snapped on the trip.

The stores in downtown Mendocino Village are so vast we can never get through them all in one weekend.  We always make sure to hit the Out of this World science store, though.

I, of course, managed to hit the jam and chocolate stores too.

We can't really wrap our heads around how so many inns and B&Bs can all survive in one small town, but somehow they must make it work.

Many of the restaurants, homes, and inns have beautiful blossoming gardens adjacent to them.  We ate lunch outside overlooking this great garden at Moose Cafe.

We sat on the cliffs and enjoyed this view on the 4th of July.  The cheap seats ended up with the best view of all.

Lots of "viewing" in Mendocino, that's for sure.

I'd never turn down this cute view, either.  It just might be my favorite.

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