Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Normally I split up my vacationy posts into multiple entries, but I don't have that kind of time this week, so you'll just have to deal with all the excitement in one post!  I flew into Chicago on Friday night and landed around midnight Chicago-time.  I creeped into Anika's place hoping not to wake the baby.  That would not be a good way to introduce myself to her.

Anika had an awesome itinerary planned, and we had lots of great things to do.  Our first adventure was heading to the French Market on Saturday to walk and have lunch.  Belgian fries with harissa mayo dipping sauce were a big hit with both of us.

The apricot puree we fed Arianna, however...

Was not quite a hit.  Ha.  It was so obvious she just didn't care for them.  (Babies are not subtle)

She did care for this bouncy chair, though.  Bouncing is heaven in Arianna's world right now.

We made some pea puree for Arianna's next meal, which was much more successful than the apricots.  To each her own, Arianna, to each her own.

Little A does not really liked confined spaces.  She happily enjoyed a few moments in her stroller here.

But those moments did not last long, because she is very particular about what she wants.  Out, NOW!

She is such a fun, happy baby.  Justin and Anika are such lucky parents!

And I dare say Arianna is lucky to have Justin and Anika too!  I had a great time in Chicago - thanks to the Steffens for a wonderful trip!


  1. We miss you so much!!! Hurry back soon and stay longer!

  2. Hi, just found your blog when looking for a pic of Three Twins ice cream. Hah, love the random internet. I'm also a Bay Area resident/former New Yorker/former lawyer/total foodie looking for new recipes. I hope you're ok with me using your pic...check it out at


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