Sunday, July 31, 2011

City of Angels

Last weekend I took a lengthy - 45 minute - flight down to the City of Angels to visit Heather.  Angie came all the way from Virginia and we had a great girls' weekend together.

A girls' weekend where we each had to memorialize every moment on our iPhones.  (Helloooooo Instagram!)

Occasionally I even remembered to take out my real camera to snap a few photos.

I also got a chance to snap a photo of LA's finest one-man-band who serenaded us through brunch.  He knew some wonderful 80s hits!

We tried to go to the Huntington Botanic Garden and by mistake ended up in Huntington Beach.  Apparently the two are over an hour apart.  Who knew?  At least there was ice cream in Huntington Beach!

I finally got to meet Heather's boyfriend, Andreas.  It was epic.  It's great to see your friends so happy.

I'm not sure anything makes Heather as happy as seeing little crafty peanut people called Nut Buddies (in the background), though.  I swear she almost bought a whole table-worth.

Nothing like an afternoon on a pier full of beautiful views.

Hope to see you soon, Heather and Angie!

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