Monday, October 25, 2010

Natalie and Mitch: The Wedding

We spent Saturday night celebrating the beautiful wedding of our close friends, Natalie and Mitch.  I took more pictures than ever before at a wedding (I think I figured out how to set my camera properly, finally), and hopefully I managed to capture the event appropriately.

When the invitation is this cute, it obviously needs to be captured in a pre-wedding picture.

My date!  It was a bit rainy that afternoon, but we managed to find seats under an umbrella.

I'm not sure if their photographer actually snapped the picture he was posing for in this shot, but I obviously snapped mine!

John and I couldn't get over the cuteness of this baby who was wearing a matching tie-onesie for the tie his dad was wearing.

And the big show begins!

The rain cleared up just in time for the beautiful bride to enter.

I always love the father giving the daughter away bit.

There were some tears and laughter in the sweet ceremony.

The new husband and wife were off, with Mitch already lending a helping hand.

The tiered yard at the vineyard made for a fun exiting view.

Bud vases as the thank you gift were unbelievably cute.

Natalie did her own flowers too.  Pretty amazing!

Each table was designated by its own Bay Area icon.  We were the Golden Gate Bridge...because Natalie asked me which one I wanted to be, and how could you not choose the Golden Gate Bridge?

The adorable menu foretold the great food we'd be having.

As did the impressive cupcake tiers.

Red velvet, don't mind if I do.

Chocolate with cream cheese icing: a concept that needs to find its way into more cupcake shops immediately.

John and I had a hard time waiting to eat said cupcakes, but somehow I managed to pull him away.

A new last name!

Their guest book involved making scrolls on printed paper and writing a message to the happy couple.  Mine said something to the effect of "You owe us for LIFE," since they did meet at our wedding.

The cocktail hour highlight was the unbelievably delicious cheese spread by Mitch's "cheese guy," John Raymond.  I think everyone went back for seconds, at least.  Eve went back for thirds.

The glowing bride looked amazing.

I wish more of our friends got married in California, so Eve had an excuse to come out more often!

I forgot to get a picture with Mitch, but at least I got one with Natalie.

The bride and groom did manage to act cute when I had my camera out, though.

Pictures of people dancing always capture them at their best.  This one of Mike is no exception.

Eve was definitely happy once the dancing started.

Ann has apparently caught the bouquet at three weddings in a row.  Her boyfriend is getting the hint, I think.

This picture was snapped before the cake-smashing portion of the evening began.

We got the finish the night with the real San Francisco treat (forget Rice-a-Roni), It's Its!  I've never had an ice cream sandwich at a wedding before, but I think I might demand them from here on out.

What a great night!


  1. Thanks for the beautiful pictures! :) We do owe you for life, I suppose. Hopefully you accept payments of cooked meals!

  2. I love the green of your dress. *sigh* so gorgeous.

    And Natalie does indeed owe you for life :) Best wishes to the happy couple!


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