Monday, October 4, 2010

Marathon Thoughts

Me on Saturday, T-minus 12 hours before my half marathon: I've been thinking that I might want to do a marathon next year.
John: That doesn't surprise me.  I kind of thought you would do that.

Me, 4 miles into my half marathon: I wonder what my chances are of getting into the New York City Marathon.

Me, 3 miles from the end of my half marathon: What was I thinking running so fast at the beginning?  How could I forget my orange Gatorade at home?  Why did my watch stop working at mile 6?  GAAAH!

Me, 12 miles in: I cannot move another inch.

Me, 30 minutes after my race: Where is my car?
Me, 30 minutes later: Okay, seriously, where is my car?
Me, 5 minutes later: Ohmygod, I've never been to happy to you, little Volvo.

Me, this morning: Do I have to get out of bed?  Ouch.


  1. Congrats on doing a half marathon!!!!! You're a rockstar. But no need to rush into that whole marathon business :)


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