Friday, October 1, 2010


Looking through pictures of me growing up, it appears I existed on cake batter alone.  It seemed that I constantly had a beater in my mouth (as shown above, apparently the WHOLE beater) licking off some kind of delicious batter.  I guess I started my love of batters at an early age and never looked back.

It occurred to me that nowadays people might not be so cavalier about handing their one-year-olds a batter with raw eggs in them.  Were eggs safer back then?  Did we not know any better?  I personally still eat plenty of raw batters and cookie doughs, but do moms not let their kids anymore?  I hope they do, because it's one of life's greatest pleasures!


  1. I know you're not supposed to, but I eat raw batter all the time! It's the whole fun in baking!

    And you are SO cute with your little beaters :)

  2. Microbiologically speaking, the truly minute amount of bad stuff with really fresh batter is unlikely to cause a problem.... Now if you have it stuck on the counter for a while on a hot day and then wait a while longer, it'd be pretty icky to eat raw. Those chicken meatballs, for instance: no taste-testing those little guys!


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