Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ugly Green Fruit

John and I have a new favorite stand at our farmers market.  We refer to her as "The Lady."  Not only does this stand have the best fruit in the market (and for the same price as the lesser-than fruits), but she also hands you your peaches with a side of advice.  She tells it like it is, which is refreshing to hear, especially coming from someone selling something.  She will frankly tell you which one of her options is the best right now.  She will tell you how many days to let something ripen on the counter, and will chastise you if you put certain things in the fridge.  She is also unbelievably sweet, like her Ugly Green Fruit.

We've been visiting her stand first for about 3 months now.  Last week she asked us "Have you tried my Ugly Green Fruit?"  We said we hadn't, and she insisted we try a piece she cut right in front of us.  As our eyes widened at the sweet plum, she told us it is her favorite fruit, and it's growing in the experimental section of her farm.  John is a convert and considers it his new favorite too.  He's eating three at a sitting, and, frankly, gets upset if I even so much as eye on of "his" little gems.  These plums aren't just sweet, though.  The sweetness isn't overwhelming, and is accompanied by more depth of flavor than you usually find in most fruits.  I almost consider it a cross between a Granny Smith apple and a plum.  I wish I could tell you to immediately go buy some, but unless you live in Mountain View or visit me in the next two weeks, I'm afraid you'll just have to satisfy yourself with my description.  Luckily for Anika, she will be here right in time.  Smart girl.


  1. haha! the way you describe john and these fruits made me think of gollum and his precious.

  2. I read the "unless you're visiting in the next 2 weeks" and exclaimed "I'm going to be visiting!!!" Yay, can't wait to eat the ugly green fruit!

  3. will it be too late for me?


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