Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Taste of What's to Come

Another Sunday has come and gone, and I haven't managed to write the blog posts I've been meaning to write.  As Catch and Release is wrapping up, I figured I could at least give you guys a taste of what is to come on ye olde bloggie soon.  First off, many many pictures of the young babe above.  My dad was nice enough to scan a million of my baby pictures and send them to me, and they will soon be featured here whether you like it or not.  (You'll like it.)

And soon I will finally get around to posting about John's hang gliding adventure.  The gliding parts and the crashing parts.

The glowing Anika and her husband, Justin, visited this weekend.  I stole the pictures off her camera that I was too lazy to take.  Oh the joys of friends with a D300.


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