Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Out of Office Auto Reply

I'm sorry, were you trying to reach me?  I'm out of the office and have absolutely no intention of getting back to you any time soon.

You see, I have no space for my blackberry in my beach bag.  

This condo here doesn't have a desk, and even if it did, I wouldn't be sitting at it.

While I sit in this chair reading The Passage I don't want to be distracted by emails signed "Best," "Sincerely," or "Thanks so much."

So if you need to reach me, please find me in The Outer Banks Beach Club #2A.  I am more than willing to discuss work while I munch on a juicy peach while listening to the waves crash.  Otherwise, I'll see you on Monday at the office.


  1. Soooooo pretty!!

    And, oh yeah, I hate you.


  2. please come back to Cali soon!


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