Tuesday, April 20, 2010

That's The Worst Frosting I've Ever Had

I'm pretty sure most of the people who read skim my blog also read the Pioneer Woman.  That's why I felt particularly obligated to issue this public service announcement.  If you were tempted to make the recipe PW blogged about entitled "That's the Best Frosting I've Ever Had," DON'T DO IT!  It was literally the worst frosting I've ever made...and maybe even worst I've ever had.  Idiotically I only read the comments on the first page raving about this recipe.  I didn't think to read the comments on page 11 until I was sitting with a bowl of curdled mess on my hands.

The comments on page 11 pretty much summed it up.  "I just cannot get this frosting to work, it just keeps separating."  "I am a frosting lover, but this was not good."  Lots of people raved about the recipe too, but I will not be one of them.  It had a gross texture and frankly tasted like melted butter and that's it.  Not good on a cupcake.  I had to make buttercream frosting at 7:00AM on the day of our party to make up for this disgusting mess.  That recipe is definitely worth posting though - Magnolia Bakery comes through again.  More on this later.


  1. oh no! Pioneer woman doesn't usually let us down. Thank you for the public service announcement

  2. You know, I'm really glad you posted this. I was tempted to try that recipe, but something about it seemed strange to me. I wonder if it has to do with climate or altitude or something as to whether it will work.

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  4. I'm not sure what made the frosting turn out so horribly, but it seems that maybe more specific instructions might help if lots of cooks had as much trouble as I did (but others said it worked well). Blech it was gross.


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