Friday, April 23, 2010

Grape Asparagus

Now what have we here?  Any guesses?  [This reminds me of those games in elementary school where they'd show you a super closeup and you'd have to guess what it was.  Anyone else remember these?]

Okay, so the title of the post gave it away, but this purple asparagus is a bit mysterious looking.

At the farmers market they were selling purple asparagus for $1 extra and claimed it would be extra sweet.  I was skeptical but figured I would spend $1 testing it out just so I could report on ye olde bloggie.

Much to my dismay, the purple asparagus turns green upon roasting.  But, trust me, it doesn't taste like green asparagus.  This is by far the sweetest asparagus you will ever eat.  Hence why I call it grape asparagus.  It has a completely different flavor.  I can't guarantee that it will taste this sweet if you buy it at the grocery store, but if you happen upon some purple asparagus at the farmers market -

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