Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fort Funston Strikes Again

At a work happy hour last week, all of the new people had to introduce themselves to the group and say something that people don't know about them.  There are plenty of things that people at work don't know about me (that I write this blog, for instance), but it's hard to come up with a work-appropriate factoid that isn't already listed on my firm bio.  So I said the one thing I could think of: "My social life revolves around my Dalmatian."  That's the sad truth, my friends.  Well, not sad if you are content doing dog things every weekend, like I am, but I admit it's a little pathetic.  Last weekend was no exception to my factoid and we headed to Fort Funston yet again.

We've been to Fort Funston a couple times in the past month or so, but it always takes me ages to go through and edit all the pictures.  John is at a work dinner tonight, so I have plenty of time to edit photos, eat kettle corn, and watch Biggest Loser.  So now the internet can be graced with photos like this one of a beautiful Ridgeback.

Don't she look amused I am taking her photo?  Kind of "Oh, sigh, just be quick about it."

This place is so beautiful.  It isn't just the dogs that knock your socks off.

Honestly I'm not a bulldog person (though frankly, everyone I know seems to be), but this little guy (gal?) was pretty adorable.

Trevor and Tucker joined us for one of our trips. Tucker is the pup, not the friend, by the way.

Trevor was a good sport collecting tennis balls in the water that Tucker was too lazy to get.  I don't think I'd be so accommodating.

The great thing about playing fetch at a dog beach is that you never know what dogs will be interested in the your dog's tennis ball.  It's easy to make new friends with a grungy tennis ball!

We've been seeing a lot of puppies lately, and needless to say, I haven't minded a bit.

It's impossible not to laugh when you see a dog do something like this.  I'm sure his owner was thrilled by the new addition to their stick log collection.

Tucker loves the water.  Maddie got her toes wet, and that was about it.  What a priss.

Don't you wish you lived in California?

These kids had a grand time digging a hole with their Golden Retriever puppy.  Is there anything cuter?

John and I are big Portuguese Water Dog (the kind the Obamas have, btw) fans, but their traditional haircut, shown above, is pretty much chart-toppingly ridiculous.  I promise if we get a Portie, we won't be making her a laughing stock.

Just a quick stop at the watering hole before heading home.

This dog was about Maddie's size and the owners said she/he was a Labradooodle.  Hello, Labradoodle, welcome to the list-of-dogs-I-will-own-one-day.

Nothing like a grin at the end of wonderful day at the beach.

On dogs and men alike.  (John should consider himself lucky I didn't swap his seat in the car for that Bernese Mountain dog.)

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  1. I want every single one of those dogs!!!!!!! HOW ADORABLE! Can't wait for you to add some more dogs to the fam for me to play with. Though I do totally love that Maddie is such a priss. ha!


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