Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Rest of Napa

This was our third weekend trip to Napa (the first being our honeymoon), and I think I love that place more and more each time I go.  Not that it's original to love wine country - the food and the beauty are unmatched. We are pretty lucky to have this place in our backyard.

This was our first time in Napa with a pooch, and it made the experience better.  This shot was taken at the Rutherford Grille before I chowed down on BBQ ribs and cole slow.

We stopped at Peju winery on the way out of town to pick up a couple of bottles - with Harper of course.  It's amazing how many wineries in Napa welcome dogs.

We stopped at a farm stand to pick up some local vegetables to eat for dinner when we got home.  Big juicy tomatoes, a couple of white nectarines, and an eggplant zucchini.  What I made for dinner didn't exactly compare to the food we had in Napa, but we made do.

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