Friday, September 23, 2011

Five Things

Harper had a week-long sleepover last week that thrilled her to no end.  Our neighbors went out of town, so we were taking care of Mochi and Latte for the week, and Harper couldn't have been happier.  Now that the Three Amigos have been separated, since our neighbors came back, Harper has been moping around the house and attempting to drag me to their place on every walk.  Apparently I'm not as much fun as Mochi and Latte to have around.

As a thank you gift for watching the dogs, Joyce and David brought us this huge box of cookies from Hong Kong. My favorites were the panda cookies in back, but the almond biscuits came in a close second.  Now I need to figure out a way to transport Paris pastries back to the U.S. to thank them when they watch Harper!

Last weekend I got to meet one of my heroes: The Alice Waters.  She was at Omnivore Books for a signing, and I couldn't miss the chance to meet her.  I didn't even know she had so many cookbooks - and I already have a lot of hers!  Naturally I needed copies of these previously unknown books of hers.  I got her to sign a few of her amazing cookbooks in her distinctive handwriting, and I walked away giddy.  She was very sweet.

Vintage food mill - score!  Per my request, my mom sent me her old food mill, in the box and everything!  Is that Italian, Mom?  I remember using this together in her kitchen to make homemade tomato sauce out of our garden's tomatoes.  Pretty much what I imagine doing with it again one day!

And last but not least - to my Wedding-Date-For-Life, John.  Weddings are a lot more fun with a wonderful man by your side.  

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