Friday, September 2, 2011

Five Things

John and I are off to Cambria this weekend to "celebrate" Labor Day, if you can really even celebrate that holiday.  We will be renting a beach house with Harper in tow, as we are wont to do.  Hopefully the tomato plants will survive a drought for a few days.

The tomatoes above are from ONE DAY of picking from our neighbor's two tomatoes plants.  Joyce kindly shared this batch with us and it was almost enough to keep us in tomatoes all week.  Our tomato plants produce about one cherry tomato a day.  Hurmph.

Random lovely kitchen found on Pin Interest
Have you heard of Pin Interest?  I'm starting to get into it recently and you can check me out here.  The more people I know on it, the better, so let's all start pinning!

Oh radishes, why did I forsake thee for 28 years?  I have recently discovered how much I love radishes, and I've been walking away from the market with multiple kinds every week.  This watermelon radish is particularly spicy tasting.  I love radishes sprinkled in my work salads every day; the crunch and peppery taste cannot be beat.

It's come to my attention that Settlers of Catan is played by lots of my friends.  Who knew?  My brother and his wife introduced me and John to the game, and it's one of our favorites.  We've started a fierce rivalry with the neighbors.  Let's hope we don't alienate our tomato suppliers before the season is done.

Sorry for all the fruit and veggies in this Five Things, but the market is blossoming and I can't keep my feelings to myself.  John and I were pressured into trying some new melons at the market last weekend and absolutely fell in love with these canary melons (two for $5 - bargain!).  They taste like honeydew melons...on steroids!  Honeydew is John's favorite...or was, until Canaries came into our lives.  If you get a chance, check these out sometime.

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  1. LOL--"Let's hope we don't alienate our tomato suppliers before the season is done."

    and who knew there were different types of radishes?!?! well, i didn't.


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