Friday, October 8, 2010

Anika's Visit

For better or for worse, Anika and Justin managed to visit on the last weekend of "summer" (it was September) in the Bay Area.  Temps were in the 90s during their whole trip, which didn't exactly line up with what I forecasted for them.  I apologized for my apparently blatant lies about the cool California weather, but at least we got to enjoy a nice day at the beach.  

Rodeo Beach is just north of San Francisco, and has really great views.  We enjoyed a picnic lunch on the bluff while watching the surfers bob up and down.

Next we headed to Sausalito, where we constantly bring out-of-towners because it is too adorable to pass up.  Getting there takes awhile, but the view of San Francisco is worth it!  Justin particularly enjoyed the art gallery with Dr. Seuss pieces.  Cat Detective in the Wrong Part of Town almost went home with them.

It was so nice to spend a weekend with a best friend and her adoring husband.  I can't wait to see their beautiful baby!

And of course, no visit from a friend would be complete without a visit to the Mountain View Farmers Market.  Anika ended up getting her ugly green plum for free from The Lady.  She planned on buying just the one plum and The Lady said she could just take it and enjoy.  I bet you can't get that kind of service in Chicago!  Come back soon and I promise more fresh fruit, guys!

For a much cuter version of their trip, visit Anika's blog.  

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