Sunday, May 23, 2010


Isn't "cherries jubilee" the greatest name for a dessert?  I have absolutely no idea what cherries jubilee is, but it has the most fun name of any dessert I can think of.  Baked Alaska doesn't exactly make you want to dig in, does it?  Even though I don't know how to make cherries jubilee, I think fresh cherries from the farmers market are as good as any dessert you have to actually make.    

I don't think I had real cherries until maybe two years ago.  Of course I had eaten maraschino cherries in Shirley Temples and on top of ice cream sundaes, but probably the only thing good about those are them are the color. And I had eaten canned cherry pie filling, which is disgusting on many levels. Once you taste a fresh cherry you'll be shocked at how naturally sweet these little gems are.  Sweeter than raspberries, blueberries, bananas, strawberries, et al.

What's just as surprising as the extra sweet taste is the fact that cherries really do come in pairs like they do when they're portrayed on everything from aprons to undies.  Sometimes art imitates life, right?

John brought me a pint of cherries (and a pint of strawberries) from the farmers market when I had to work this weekend (and miss the market - double whammie!).  While the cherries couldn't make me jubilant while working all weekend, they did brighten my day.  And yes, cherries do have pits, but that's a minor obstacle to this amazing fruit that you should definitely make the most of while it's in season.


  1. bird often buys fresh cherries. i thought that perhaps you've had some at my house before?

  2. I love fresh cherries! We just picked up a bag yesterday!

  3. You had never had fresh cherries until 2 years ago????? I guess maybe you didn't grow up in Michigan, where they have their very own cherry festival. Mmm.... Michigan cherries.


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