Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Collection

I'm a Le Creuset junkie, as many people seem to be nowadays.  This cabinet currently houses all of my dutch ovens.  What, three is too many?  Blasphemy!  The red one was my first, the original.  It's done me well, but I knew I needed another.  Lots of my favorite recipes require dutch ovens, and having only one has been holding me back.  I could never make a double batch of short ribs or make no-knead bread and coq au vin on the same night.  Plus my 5.5 quart one really only holds enough food for 4.  Yes, I only have two people in my family, but I love having people over for dinner, and most dutch-oven produced foods are great for dinner parties (slow-cooked food means you don't have to be slaving over the stove in front of your guests).    So now I have a 5.5 quart round, a 6.75 quart oval, and a 5 quart oval French-oven.  Please ignore the fact that they are the colors of Germany/poisonous snakes/Gwen Stafani.  I guess now I have an excuse to buy another - to get rid of my bizarro color scheme.  


  1. Forget the dutch ovens, I'm jealous of your cabinets!!

  2. My mom gave me two different ones for Christmas - a yellow and red. Love. :)


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