Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Point Reyes

Thirty minutes north of Stinson Beach is the beautiful town of Point Reyes.  Unfortunately, it's fun farmers market is closed in the winter, but we spent plenty of time exploring the other aspects of the town.  I especially loved every inch of this store called Flower Power.  With such a ridiculous name you would expect a cheesy store, but this place is amazing.

What an adorable way to display their immaculate flowers.  

The store has all kinds of furniture, things for your shelves, and things for your walls.  Lots of really cool mirrors tempted me to try and find a place for them in our house.

There is a a garden out back with cool foliage and some gardening supplies to buy.  

Is this the most bizarre plant/flower/thing you've seen in awhile, or is it just me? 

Post-rain the water collects on the top to make tiny ponds.   

What a beautiful green color.  I'll take the whole set, thanks!  On the far left is a set of note cards I somehow managed to not buy.  Alice Waters note cards with recipes and fruit illustrations.  Could this be more up my alley?  

Hello little poochie!  I wish I had a reason to buy a $135 dog figure made out of what I can only imagine is recycled magazines.

Perhaps only slightly more useful than the recycled magazine dog, but still fun!

 An old factory?  With kind of an Asian theme?  Not quite sure.

Ha - don't you love it?  I need to do this to every no parking sign I see from now on.

The Old Western Saloon.  A classic in a small town.  

In an art gallery in the back of a grocery/random gift store (yeah I know it makes no sense) there was an antique piano with a slightly used rose on top.  It looked quite at home there.  

We went to Point Reyes both nights we were staying in Stinson so we could eat at Stellina, our favorite restaurant in the whole Bay Area.  It's probably half the reason we went to Stinson for the weekend to begin with.  Uber fresh and local meet and produce makes for a different level of Italian than I've ever had before.  I feasted on the best pasta I've had since Union Square Cafe (where the chef got his start) and unbelievably good pizza.  I could go on and on about the cardamom marshmallows with rich hot chocolate I had for dessert and the perfect sausage in my orecchiette, but you just had to be there.  Sigh.  Wish I was right now.

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