Monday, March 8, 2010

Electric Youth

While in Stinson, John and I went on a hike surrounded by trees covered in more moss than you can imagine and lit from above with sunlight streaming through the trees.  The moss looked neon green and Debbie Gibson's "Electric Youth" kept playing in my head the whole time.

It was unlike anything I'd ever seen in person, and it reminded me of the captivating night scenes of Avatar (which in my opinion were the only good part of that movie, though apparently the world disagreed with me on that one).

The view on the drive to and from the hike was even more amazing than during the hike.  The pictures don't do it justice.  

While on top of a mountain you get to look down on more velvety green rippled mountains and see San Francisco off in the distance.  I've never seen a city skyline like this before.  And don't you love to see mountains look the way they do when you see a map?

To greet us up there was a very playful Ridgie.  I love that you can see his veins bulging out because he looks like a meat head dog or something.

Me and Fog City USA.

I was grateful Maddie has the decency to recognize that this was a prime photo-op, so she made sure to look her best.  

The morning we left Stinson we naturally had to hit the huge Marin farmers market.  I got my waffle with nutella and powdered sugar.  Because clearly just the nutella isn't sweet enough.

Our farmers market has had fragrant narcissus for weeks now, but I think these are just daffodils. 

I picked up some kale and made kale chips the other night, but if I were more ambitious I'd make this next time. 

That's it from our Marin trip, now back to the kitchen for some new recipes!

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