Friday, July 31, 2009

My New Thing

I hadn't stepped foot in a non-school-associated (waaay too many hyphens) library in years. I've been utilizing bookstores instead. I loved bookstores - especially the independently owned variety. I would walk out of The Strand with a huge bag full of books. But that was nothing in comparison to the truck loads of books I'm walking out with nowadays. I have rediscovered The Library. More specifically, I have discovered the fact that you can take out cookbooks from the library. An unlimited number. For four weeks at a time with lots of renewals. This may not excite the average person, but it's been an awakening for me. So far, I have checked out at least 30 cookbooks in two and a half weeks. Here is a view of just a few of the shelves and their delicious offerings.

Yes, it is embarrassing to take pictures in the library.

The Alice Waters section - clearly popular around these parts.

I own two of her cookbooks and her biography. More on her later.

And this is my pile from yesterday's visit. It's pretty standard, other than the fact there is a book on blogging and I usually have 5 more cookbooks. But I was just there 2 days ago, so I didn't feel the need to go completely out of control.
I also have additional Barefoot, Martha, and Bittman books sitting around the house.

And in the spirit of honesty, I will also admit that I am occasionally checking out books like the one below. I may or may not have the rest on hold.

Don't hate me. I read adult books too! I swear!


  1. Haha I thought I saw you mentioned reading Twilight somewhere! Did you see the movie yet? I'm almost tempted to read the books as well. My mom read them and really liked them.

  2. Yeah I saw the movie first. It makes the first book a little boring, but they take about 2 days to read and are pretty enthralling.


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