Thursday, July 30, 2009

Heaven is a place on earth

Yikes. Scary grin. Clearly this brings me too much pleasure.

I read something once about how going to the farmers market is a religious experience to some people. I, am one of those people. It also helps the analogy because we go on Sunday mornings.

These are actually mini. How cute is that?

It's a ritual or a tradition in our house, and something I look forward to every week. It probably helps that it's the middle of summer so the market is stocked with everything beautiful and delicious, but I think in the winter I'll appreciate it too.

There's something about the colors.

Edible flowers with bags of lettuce. Swoon.

And flavors.

This place is always packed - if you get there too late in the day they are completely sold out of bread.

And the camaraderie of it all.

(Just so you know, my dad took all these pictures because my parents were in town - I didn't ask any unsuspecting market-goers)

I have to admit, the one here has better food and more variety than the Union Square Green Market in Manhattan, but I am constantly griping how it's only open once a week and only for four hours. This place gets packed - clearly all us hippies in California head to these types of things.


  1. I figured I'd just go ahead and comment on everything! haha. Did you get/eat those edible flowers? I'm curious.

    I'm planning on learning how to cook more when I get back home. Now that we have a sweet kitchen it'll be even more fun!

  2. Yeah cooking in a big kitchen makes a difference. Kitchens in NYC don't exactly make things easier.

    I actually didn't buy the edible flowers; we always buy our lettuce from a different farm.


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