Friday, January 6, 2012

Winter Doodle Romp

See - I promised I would post photos from that doodle romp long ago.  Sorry for the delay, but here are the cute doodles.

Here's Harper looking slightly less cute when she is sopping wet.

Sticks were very popular on the beach that day.

This Aussie Doodle just happened to be on the beach and joined in on the fun.

Joyce and David showed up with all of Harper's best friends, so her afternoon got even better.  (Latte, above.)

This is their newest puppy, Popcorn.  He also answers to Poppy and Poopy.

Mochi looking distinguished, as always.

Joyce and David are in Maui at the moment, so we have all three of their dogs at our place right now.  It's a bit of a madhouse, but fun.

Popcorn had a blast digging endless holes.

Yes, this kind of thing just happens spontaneously.

After Joyce and David (et al.) left, Harper found a new cute doodle to play with.  I told you those sticks were quite a hit!  These doodles will create fun out of anything.

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