Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas Photos

I didn't take many photos at Christmas, but I did manage to snap a few good ones.

I got a couple of good ones of John and his mom in her backyard.  We were lucky that the weather in Pennsylvania wasn't unbearably cold for us California types.

John spends time with his family by sitting in the same room as them and playing on his phone.  How sweet.

We had quite a few people gathered together for the holiday, as shown by all the stockings.  My stocking had some scratch-off lotto tickets, and I won $10, which John forced me to invest in more lotto tickets (even though I knew this was idiotic).  Sigh.

Nephew Liam had a wonderful time opening presents - as any kid should!

He got some good loot too - including lots of plastic guns and cars!

Sleepy Patrick closes out my Christmas photos.  Sleep tight, buddy.

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  1. We love the pic and caption of John "hanging out" with his family. Ha!


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