Monday, January 24, 2011

Wet Dog

I'm so used to having a dog that hates water of any kind - baths, rain, oceans, etc. - that it constantly surprises me when Harper willingly prances around in the rain and even lays in wet grass.  Poodles and labs are both water-friendly dogs, so it is no surprise that labradoodles love the water too.

It's a good thing she can handle water because she gets a bath every weekend.  The bath part she is learning to like, but afterwards when she is wet she just looks so...sad.  We dry her off as best we can, but she's damp for hours and always looks less than thrilled about it.  So once a week we have a wet dog looking quite pitiful, and that's our cross to bear.


  1. We used to blowdry our dog, but he was a tiny little indoor dog, so we weren't bathing him every week.

  2. I love how my golden retriever looks when he's still wet from a bath. You have such a cute puppy!


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