Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Harper's First Trip to Fort Funston

Harper took her first (of what we can assume will be many) trips to Fort Funston this weekend.  She looks eager even though she doesn't know what fun is in store.

Hi, Mom!

The famous San Francisco fog started rolling in as soon as we got there, luckily Harper didn't mind.

I'm pretty sure her eyes are fixed at some dogs romping off in the distance.  All those off-leash dogs off in the distance.  Sorry, Harper, you can't go off leash yet!

This is my favorite Harper picture in weeks.  We weren't feeding her, so I can only assume she's snacking on sand.

Macy, an 8-month old doodle had a great time teaching Harper how to play.  Even though Macy was much bigger than Harper, she was playing so nicely with her.  They had a great time.

Wet sand...huh?

I couldn't get Harper to focus on me for even a second once we got to the beach.  Too much to look at!

We took her out to the small waves at one point and once the water came she just stood there in shock.  We forgot she hasn't learned yet that if you run away from the waves you can actually avoid getting wet.  Her attempts to do that in the bathtub have been fruitless so she decided to just give in.  

We can't wait to take her back!

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  1. omg I am dying of the cuteness. How sweet of the nice dog to play nice with Harps. And just seeing her taking all these things in for the first time. SO PRECIOUS!


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