Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Winning Teak

When you have a small two-door car, your furniture buying options are pretty limited.  John and I talked about getting some teak outdoor furniture for a year, but because we didn't want doll house sized chair,s we waited until we finally got our SUV.

Luckily we got the bigger car just in time for summer.

Two chairs and a tiny table are all we can fit on our balcony, but that's all we need.  Maddie would prefer we didn't take up so much space on "her" balcony with our silly human sitting objects, but that's her problem.   

There's nothing like sitting outside drinking a cold glass of watermelon lemonade.  And yes, we are using coasters on our outdoor furniture.  Speak to John about this, please.  


  1. Those are BEAUTIFUL! And, as a dangerous FYI, Home Depot (most of them) rent out trucks. $19.99 for 75 minutes, $10 per hour thereafter. $69 a day. That's pretty low for truck rentals, and it opens the door for quick bigger purchases!

  2. watermelon lemonade? do tell.


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