Thursday, July 8, 2010

Big River Beach

Right below our hotel was a beautiful beach where the Big River feeds into the Pacific Ocean.  Yes, you read that right - we got to hang out on a beach where a river feeds into the ocean.  I love California.  

Logs of the beach just beg for you to sit down and rest.  
Here is where the river meets the ocean. 
I wanted to take lots of pictures for those of you who don't get to see these sites.  

And here's another site most of my readers don't get to see enough (who can get enough of her?).

If you've gotten enough of this guy, well too bad!

Apparently the sand gets a bit wrinkly near the river.  Time for some Botox!

Big River Beach was such a magical place - where forest meets ocean meets beach meets river.  Huh?

Our hotel rents canoes at the foot of the cliff.  We didn't make it on a canoe this trip...

But this family did.  There were about 8 people in this canoe and they were literally screaming as they slowly made it down the river almost ramming into the beach or the rocks (alternating between the two).  We didn't see any actual crashes, but with the racket they were making we probably wouldn't have minded.  

Eventually I slipped out of my shoes and walked barefoot in the sand.  John would have preferred it if I left these shoes there.  I'm not sure he's ever disliked anything I own as much as these shoes, which is too bad because I love them.  

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