Friday, March 26, 2010

Stilleto Contessa

Earlier this week I went to Costco right after work, so that meant I was picking up 36-packs of t.p. in 5-inch heels.  It was pretty noticeable to me considering I used to wander the aisles in these:

Barely-there flip flops I've had for years.  I actually gave up flip flops entirely when I lived in New York because they were passe and actually quite uncomfortable with all of the walking involved.  But flip flops found their way back on my feet once we moved to California.  They haven't been out much since I've been working again, though.  Just because some people wear leggings to work (what?!) doesn't mean I would ever venture in wearing these.  Not even on casual Friday.

But don't worry folks, I haven't changed anything other than improved my footwear recently.  I walked out of Costco bearing a two pound bag of active dry yeast.  It cost the same for a 2 lb bag at Costco as it does for a three-pack of 1/4 oz packets at Whole Foods.  I've been going through a lot lately with all the pizza crust I've been making, so I wisened up and went jumbo.

Maddie enjoyed all of my footwear picture taking because it meant I was sitting on the floor, at her level.

And when you are at her level, she often goes in for the kill - she got pretty close to licking the lens with this one! 


  1. LOVE the up close and personal Maddie picture! Do not, however, love the flip flop picture ;)

  2. Leggings to work isn't cool? What am I doing?!


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