Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Heff!

Happiest of birthday wishes to my dear friend Heather.  Hopefully she'll be celebrating sans mustache in LA tonight.  We lived together for all four years of college (plus we were best friends in high school), and I have some absolutely classic photos of Heather.  She is one lucky lady that I had a film camera all those years.  College kids these days are in for some trouble when they grow old and their friends start blogs.   So happy birthday to the girl who watched the *NSYNC Disney concert with me at every sleepover for two years and enticed me into playing about 9,000 games of Perfect Match.


  1. omg, Nsync disney concert! Totally classic! :)

  2. haha, i forgot about Perfect match! i can't even remember how to play!!!

  3. heyoooo! my own post! i think the hint of cleavage makes the mustache okay in this pic. it's an equalizer.

    ah, the nsync disney concert. on vhs. about as classic as cranberry juice and red jackets, wouldn't you agree?


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