Friday, December 2, 2011

Five Things

Now that we're back on the West Coast, I won't be seeing any more roaring fires for awhile.  My uncle and sister-in-law managed to keep one lit during almost every waking hour, and it was beautiful and comforting.

We spent the night before we left for Indianapolis surrounded by teenage girls and their moms at the Katy Perry concert.  John got me floor seats for my birthday and the show was fun, ridiculous, and wonderfully over-the-top.

Our yearly supply of waffle cookies that we brought back from Indy disappeared in two days.  Sad, but not surprising.

Natalie got me some baking gifts just in time for my Thanksgiving pie-a-thon.  The bird is actually a pie funnel to allow the steam to escape from a pie to keep the top crisp.

I hope everyone is enjoying the fall produce as much as I am.  I stick a pear and apple in my purse every morning to bring to work.

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  1. I brought two braeburns for our flight to LA! Loving apple season!


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