Friday, November 18, 2011

Five Things

John showed how much he missed me when I was in New York by sending me flowers on my first day back in the office.  No, it's not my birthday or anniversary, guys, I just have a good husband.

Next week is Thanksgiving, otherwise known as Christmas-With-My-Family-This-Year, so I've been doing lots of online shopping to be prepared.  Even when the packages aren't for me, I always love coming home to something.

I might break into the Milk Bar cookbook this weekend with an attempt to recreate crack pie!  If it works out, I might even try to get my family addicted to crack pie this Thanksgiving.

Do you do that thing where when you find something you love you buy it in multiple colors?  Well I sure as hell do.  I just bought this skirt in yellow...that I also own in blue and orange.  Next up, green and red?

Our dog is a model.  And in case you were keeping score, yes, that makes her better than your dog.  She is in the cover photo of one calendar and the December gal in another calendar this year.  Our doodle-loving neighbors and I submitted photos of our doodles in the calendar contest and were successful in proving that our pooches are the most beautiful of the bunch!


  1. Harper is a star!!! I love it!!!

    Also, it is TOTALLY right to buy things in multiple colors. If that's the JCrew skirt, I have it in 3 colors myself, acquired over 2 seasons and 2 sizes a couple of years ago. I don't really wear skirts anymore, but you keep posting this one and it keeps tempting me to buy it again!

  2. OMG, Harper is a model!

    p.s. where is that skirt from?


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