Thursday, August 4, 2011

Heath Ceramics

I get to pretend I'm eating at a restaurant every night now.  A restaurant in which I am the sole chef and waitress.  Everyone's dream, right?

John and I went to the Sausalito factory, store, and outlet for Heath Ceramics last weekend and walked out with our fair share of merchandise.  Heath Ceramics provides dinnerware for several of our favorite restaurants in the area.  We would always remark, "I love these plates," turn them over, and find out it was yet another restaurant outfitted by Heath.

After getting home with our purchases, we rearranged our shelves to accommodate the new dishes.  I already had regrets.

Not buyers remorse in the typical sense.  Remorse that I didn't buy MORE plates.  MORE bowls.  More platters.  Why was I so foolish?  Oh, the price.  We will be back, though, this I can guarantee.

This is the smile of a satisfied customer.

1 comment:

  1. I registered for Heath dining ware when I got married. Great decision--these dishes are awesome. Enjoy!


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