Monday, February 21, 2011

Our Little Graduate

This Saturday Harper graduated from Puppy Kindergarten.  I was told there would be an actual test at the end to see if your dog was sufficiently trained, but that didn't really happen.  A couple of the delinquents got asked to come to an extra class next week, but they still got to put on their graduation caps.   Apparently PetSmart is a touchy-feely-school, not a hardcore institution.  Who knew?

Harper was always one of the top pups in the class, mostly because we actually worked with her every night on what we had learned that previous Saturday.  I was amazed at the people who would come to class not having worked with their dogs.  Of course their puppies don't know how to lay down - you didn't teach them!

Doesn't this look like her "Uh oh I was a bad girl" face?  Hopefully we'll see this face less and less as we train her more and more.

We signed up for the intermediate class that starts in early March.  Apparently this is where we teach dogs to heel.  Oy, that is going to be rough.  For now we will celebrate our minor success.  To Harper!


  1. Huff graduated too! He had a advantage because, he already knew how to sit lay down and some other tricks. The others in his class didn't know any tricks (not to brag but a little).


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