Friday, February 19, 2010

Fruit Gal

I got a delivery from "The Fruit Guys" earlier this week with a package of fruit and goodies from my firm to wish my luck on the bar exam.  Maddie was apparently very interested in the package.  Actually she was mostly just interested when a strange man rang the doorbell - dogs will be dogs.

Perfect timing too because I probably need to balance out all the Hershey's Kisses I'm eating with maybe an apple occasionally.  I'm running on chocolate now, but maybe in the next few days I'll try to eat like a normal person (or perhaps the chocolate thing is normal) so I can manage for this last push.  It's a bizarre feeling when there is no "free time" in your life anymore because you feel like you should constantly be studying.  At least when you get home from work you're done.  But a studier's life is never done and there is always more to learn.  I'm not freaking out, but I'll just say I'm not slowing down either. 


  1. you're so close, kathy! (i know b/c i googled the dates.) you'll be great--good luck on the bar!

  2. Oh that was nice of them! you know, if you're into that healthy sort of thing. Which I obvi am not :)

    Good luck, Foodiebia!!!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS! You're finished. Now please go and drink copious amounts of wine.


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