Friday, November 27, 2009

Cranberry Orange Relish - No cooking required!

Cranberry relish has always been a Thanksgiving favorite for me.  It also happened to be the only thing I helped make for about 20 years.  Not a coincidence, as you can imagine.  My mom uses a meat grinder, which creates a better texture to the relish, but most people don't have a 45 year old meat grinder hanging around their house.  A food processor will have to do.

All you need is one package of fresh cranberries, two NAVEL oranges, and 1-2 cups sugar.  Is that easy, or what?

Wash your cranberries in your brightest red colander for optimum results.

When you use a meat grinder, you alternate adding cranberries and orange pieces, but here we will add the entire package of cranberries to a food processor and process them to death. 

This is about the texture you want.  Pretty finely chopped.

Now cut your NAVEL oranges in half and then in half and then in half.  So make eighths.  You are keeping the skin on here, which makes it all the easier.  Now process the oranges in the food processor until they are about the same size as the cranberries.

Throw your cranberries and oranges into a large mixing bowl.

Now add 1 - 2 cups sugar.  We added 1 1/2 cups and then tested it the next day and it was a bit sour, so we added another another 1/2 cup.  In order to have the flavors combine thoroughly, it is best to make this 24 hours in advance. 

Here it is all go in the fridge for 24 hours.  Make sure you put it in a pretty little dish for the Thanksgiving table.  This would be a great easy dish to bring over to someone's house for Thanksgiving too.  It is tart with a little sweetness (depends on how much sweetness you want really).  For me it is a must on the holiday table because it adds some contrast to all the savory dishes. 

Cranberry Orange Relish
1 package cranberries
2 navel oranges, cut into eighths with skin-on
1-2 cups sugar

Chop finely 1 package cranberries in a food processor and add to large bowl.  Cut 2 navel oranges into eighths and chop finely in a food processor.  Add oranges to bowl with cranberries.  Add 1-2 cups sugar and mix thoroughly.  Make a day before serving and test in the morning to see if more sugar should be added.  Enjoy at Thanksgiving or any other festive holiday!


  1. I see that you keep the orange pith on for this recipe. Is the flavor so overpowered by the fruit that there's just no reason to bother spending the time zesting+peeling+chopping?

  2. Yeah you can go ahead and leave it all on b/c the cranberries are so tart and you have to add lots of sugar to counteract that anyway. We have never bothered zesting, peeling, and chopping, but if you did I'm sure you could probably add less sugar. We are lazy in my family.


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