Sunday, June 5, 2011

Harper's First Haircut

Harper got her first haircut on Saturday, and John kept making fun of me for how nervous I was.  "Are you going to cry?" he asked?  I was pretty sure I wouldn't, and thankfully, I was right.

You might think I'm crazy to be nervous about it, but sometimes dogs come back from the groomer looking hideous and shaved down so short you can see their skin.  I didn't want my poor pup looking shorn all summer!

I could barely recognize her as my dog when we picked her up, other than her jumping all over us and licking our faces.  And luckily she still came out with plenty of hair.

I fully admit she looks a bit silly, but as far as groomings go, it could be a lot worse.

In a couple of weeks we will be used to it, and it will be curly again (I think).  Until then, we will crack a smile every time we see our short-haired teddy bear.


  1. haha, I'm glad you didn't cry. Good job :)

  2. It's always better if you tell them it's a "trim" since cutting hurts!


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